Applied FluidTech serves a wide range of industries.  We have a team of consultants with expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), experimental fluid dynamics, design of experiments, hardware and software design, and field testing.  Our expert team is ready to assist our clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their complex fluids, heat transfer, and other related thermo-fluids problems they are facing. 

Below is a non-exhaustive list of services and industries where Applied FluidTech can help.  Contact us today. 

Practice Areas

Aeronautics & Aerospace

  • Technical support & analysis for MRO & aircraft modification organizations

  • External aerodynamics

  • Fluid-structure interactions, including flutter

  • Aeroacoustics

  • Experimental aerodynamic testing

  • Flight test support


Oil & Gas

  • Multiphase flows

  • Analysis of desander systems

  • Assessment and analysis of exposed pipeline vibrations

  • Process analysis

oil tanks

Wind Engineering

  • Loading analysis on structures, including high-rise buildings, bridges, solar systems, and offshore rigs

  • Wind studies, including pedestrian wind comfort and safety

  • Location studies for wind turbine placement

  • Environmental fluid dynamics

Melbourne Cityscape

Sports Science

  • Sports aerodynamics consulting

  • Field testing 

  • Sensor design, manufacturing, calibration

  • Investigation of wind-athlete and wind-equipment interactions

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Machine Learning & Data Science

  • Machine learning & data science techniques applied to fluid flow problems

  • Flow estimation from discrete sensor data

  • Data reduction techniques applied to very large data sets

  • Reduced-order modeling

  • Custom software solutions